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Pferd 8 Inch

The pferd 8 inch chainsaw file is the perfect length to cut through thicker content easily. It has a 8 inch od 1364 inch length, which makes it perfect for larger projects. The chainsaw file has a self-locking system, so you can be sure to never have to worry about getting pulled out of your work.

Pferd 7/32" Regular Cut Round Chainsaw Files

Pferd 7/32" Regular Cut Round Chainsaw Files

By Old Fort Products

USD $16.73

Pferd 17310 Chain Sharp Cs-X Depth Gauge File 8" Length
1 PC PFERD 11056 SP  8 inch Knife File, #2 Cut Germany

1 PC PFERD 11056 SP 8 inch

By Pfred

USD $9.80

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This is a keyhole type keyed pferd. It has a 8 inch dia and is cut to a 8 inch diameter. It is in good condition with no cracks or damage. The cut is made in germany and has asharp point.
this is a 5-8 inch flapped hub with a disc-threaded hub. It is a good choice for horses that have a lot of growth potential.
this black tungsten carbide bur bits is for the sm-43l3 "pferd 8 inch" ford taunus car. It is 18 58 9 degree long and has a keyhole style window. The bit is also black and has a small hole for a key. The bit can be used to adjust the car's lights and wipers.